The Metanoia Project

The Metanoia Project (teach) 2007-2034 and The Metanoia Project (bac) 2007-2034 are special projects created to work specifically with the black white duality and its impact on interactions between the descendants of enslaved Africans (DoEAs) and descendants of slave owners (DoSOs). The black-white duality is an invisible legacy of slavery and defined as:
“The oppositional internalised and symbiotic inferior/superior dynamic relationship that exists between the descendants of enslaved Africans and the descendants of slave-owners. The dynamic was put in place during slavery and has been institutionalised within British culture (with its black and white sub-cultures) as the means by which the fixed power differentials between the two groups are maintained over time”.

This consequence of slavery is one of the key objectives that the slave route project seeks to surface and work through in a bid to further humanity.

Both descendants of enslaved Africans and descendants of slave owners also have a vested interest in engaging with this visible legacy of slavery as a consequence of its impact on black white relations in the world today.
The Metanoia Project focuses on teachers in the British education system and the members of the BAC community as critical to the process of bringing about transformational change in British society through their efforts to dismantle the black-white duality in their lives and practice.


<br)the>The vision of the Metanoia project is that between 2007 the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade and 2034 the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery itself significant inroads will be made into ending the psychological slavery which has continued amongst the descendants of enslaved Africans still today.

In particular The Metanoia Project focuses on bringing together the knowledge developed over the course of this research (1989 to present) to work with both DoSOs and DoEAs to understand the nature of the black-white duality, how we have all become complicit in maintaining it and what we can do to dismantle it. The Metanoia Project is therefore an ethical project.

CBACS Learning Solutions is taking The Metanoia Project forward with the range of services offered.

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