The black-white duality

Posted By on August 25, 2014

Having read Jon Gaunt’s view that children in schools should learn all our history I thought it would be useful to share it on my blog with you – see yesterdays blog.
In googling the article, however, I came across so much criticism of Gaunt’s view (with which I whole-heartedly agree) that I was momentarily stopped in my tracks as I studied what people had to say. I couldn’t have asked for more evidence of the existence of a black-white duality if I had tried!

A colleague of mine sent me the link for Gus John’s view of what is happening in the school system to black children. Of more interest than Gus John’s view are the views of readers commenting on the article. It became clear to me that we really do need to dismantle this black-white duality once and for all so that our children can be extricated from this confusion.

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