The Bicultural Competence Matrix

Posted By on August 24, 2014

The bicultural competence matrix is foundational to CBACS’ work with its focus on the importance of bi-cultural socialisation into a culture of origin and a culture of residence.

CBACS’ findings are that descendants of enslaved Africans (DoEAs) are not recipients of bicultural socialisation having been uprooted from our culture of origin during slavery. Over hundreds of years we have instead been mono-culturally resocialised into ‘black’ culture.

The bicultural competence matrix was my first insight of the possibility of having been unconsciously assimilated into black British culture on entry to British society on the top left quadrant. This results in a natural route downwards to unconscious bicultural competence and ‘sleep’. This is as opposed to the natural instinctual aspiration for our children to move sidewards to the conscious bicultural incompetence quadrant filled with eagerness to learn about life for themselves.

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