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Posted By on August 25, 2014

This book has been a tremendous inspiration to me and evidently to my other friends. It has put into words what I’ve always wanted to express and has provided me with a tangible framework and road map as a way forward.

I have found the book so inspirational and thought-provoking that I bought 4 copies and lent them to a few friends with a message to read the first 50 pages and return the book to me within 48 hours,(so that I could swiftly spread the word(s).

Comments so far ”This book has made me proud”
“Where was this book when I was growing up in Britain?”
“A work book to lead us out of the wilderness”

As we reflect on the experiences of the Jews who languished in the wilderness for 40 years trying to get Egypt out of their minds; Is this book the guidance (lead) for which the British African Caribbean have been waiting in order to ‘emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery’ which the lyrics of Bob Marley refers?

I appreciated the honesty of the author in sharing her own personal experiences chronicled within an easy-to-understand structure of the book.

As I read the paragraphs of this book, it seems that the book is referring to my personal journey through my life in Britain- exactly!

It is real to me alright.

I would urge you to purchase a copy and read it …it may just change your life…failing that…at least your thinking.

Denzil Nurse, Huddersfield West Yorkshire, UK

“I attended your paper last week and thought that you managed to do something very new and inspiring. You addressed racism and its impact in ways that helped me to deepen my own understanding. Thank you! I saw you briefly after your paper and said that I’d get in touch about you coming to talk to our teacher education students … who do a whole module on different aspects of inclusion.”

Dr Leena Robertson, Middlesex University

A Masterpiece!!! …………a perfect di-secting at the root! I can now recommend your book first to our brothers and sistahs who are deeper in their ‘post traumatic slavery syndrome’, as well as Dr Leary’s and Na’im Akbar’s … Many congratulations on your continued excellence, gift of vision and moving our people that bit further away from the hell we are surviving … Towards bicultural Competence is my ‘cultural bible’ and a one-stop reference point for all people of the African Diaspora. Dr Gordon provides us with a brilliant, honest, critical analysis of our experiences as descendants of enslaved African’s living in Britain. Towards bicultural competence is an essential read for all levels of educationalists, health/ social care professionals and parents.
Denise George

Dr Gloria Gordon is an inspirational woman and academic and this book left me stunned and open mouthed at times. I understood everything she was relating especially in her reflective chapter (Chapter 2) “Psychic disorientation, confusion and despair” I could totally relate to her personal time line within the British school system, that is if you are bright and intelligent black child educated in the 1970s-80’s you are seen as an oddity.

The book analyses the black cultural experience of living in Britain. There have been many books of the African American experience, but none from the UK standpoint . Dr Gordon explores cultural identity and as I carried on reading I realized and was given permission to be the authentic me that is a strong black British born African Caribbean woman. In the words of Dr Gordon “Be the person you want to be ” and I strongly recommend this book to educators, parents, academics, and students, the book certainly opened my eyes and mind.
J Quamina (www.amazon.co.uk)

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