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Below are research documents focussing on the black experience and from which a fuller picture can be developed over time of how government policy is impacting on the British African-Caribbean educational experience.  The page will be regularly updated.  If you are aware of important research based documents that can be added please send them in by contacting us.

Tackling low educational achievement -The study uses the National Pupil Database and related data to examine four different measures of low achievement, and a profile of low achievement is offered. The report will be of interest to all those concerned with educational outcomes, including policymakers, education professionals, unions and the media.

Aiming High: Raising the achievement of ethnic minority pupils

Evaluation of Aiming High

Exclusion of black children – priority review – getting it right

Community Cohesion Educational Standards for Schools

Ethnicity and Education: The evidence on minority ethnic pupils aged 5-16

Ethnicity: Introductory User Guide

Government response to ethnic minority task force

Born to be great: a charter on promoting the achievement of black Caribbean boys

Ethnic minorities in the labour market

Minority ethnic participation and achievements in education, training and the labour markets

Racial and ethnic minorities

The rights of racial and ethnic minorities

Ethnicity, Muslims and higher education entry in Britain

Black and ethnic minority young people and educational disadvantage

Ethnic minority participation in higher education: the story of the 1990s

Analysing ethnic education policy making in England and Wales

Improving labour market achievements for ethnic minorities in British society

Ethnic minorities economic performance

Young black people and the criminal justice system

Breaking the circles of fear

Community development workers for black and ethnic minority communities

Black teachers in London

Perspectives on the educational experiences of African / Caribbean boys: an E-thesis

The educational experience and achievements of black boys in London schools 2000-2003

London schools and the black child

Special educational needs and ethnicity: issues of over- and under-representation

School choice and ethnic segregation: educational decision-making among black and minority ethnic parents

The experiences of black school governors in London

Improving opportunity, strengthening society: the government’s strategy to improve race equality and community cohesion

The end of parallel lives

REACH An independent report to government on raising the aspiration and attainment levels of black boys and young black men

Every child matters

Why I wrote the ‘ESN Book’ by Bernard Coard

Minority ethnic exclusions and the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000

Pupils of African heritage, mathematics education and social justice

Social Division and Difference: Black and Ethnic Minorities (Expert Paper)

Gordon Brown’s Vision for a ‘world class education’

An analysis of High Attaining Black Students: Factors and Conditions that Affect Their Attainment Levels

Fairness and Freedom: The Final Report of the Equalities Review (2007)

Walking in my Shoes: Personal Experiences of Inequality in Britain

Prosperity for all in the global economy (Leitch Report, 2006)

Black Caribbean children held back by institutional racism in schools

The Macpherson Report

Active Citizens, Strong Communities, Progressing Civil Renewal

Civil Renewal – A New Agenda

Strong and Prosperous Communities – The Local Government White Paper (Vol 1)

Strong and Prosperous Communities – The Local Government White Paper (Vol 2)

Dying to Belong: An in-depth review of street gangs in Britain

Young people and mental health

Ethnicity and drug use

Challenging Racism: Further Education Leading the Way

Race Equality and Schools 2012: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

REIN Report (2005) Investigating Links between Racial Harassment, Employment and Employability among BMEs in Newham

Race for Equality: a report on black students in further and higher education

Opening Doors, Breaking Barriers: A Strategy for Social Mobility

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