In everlasting memory of the anguish of our ancestors
May those who died rest in peace
May those who return find their roots
May humanity never again perpetuate
Such injustices against humanity
We, the living, vow to uphold this.
(Plaque at the entrance of Elimina ‘Dungeons’, Ghana)

CBACS focuses on the past in order to learn from it to ensure we do not remain trapped in it. In this way we honour our ancestors and our historical journey by learning the lessons they have left us.

CBACS agenda is one of individual and group reconstruction replacing the chaos slavery and colonisation visited on our lives with that of order, harmony and balance.

Colonialism and Empire
The links below allow us to gain important insights into how the legacies of colonialism and empire persist in the modern world:

A squalid end to empire: British retreat from Africa
Globalisation not new: look at the slave trade
Globalisation and racialisation
The black man’s burden
Islam, colourism and the myth of the black African slave trader

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