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Posted By on August 25, 2014

A foundational component of my own growth over the years and that I would like to see embedded in the education of the members of our group if we are to effectively work with life challenges is our capabilities in the area of emotional and spiritual intelligence.  Below I have listed some links which I hope you find useful:

Emotional Intelligence

Connecting emotional intelligence to success

Why self-awareness/emotional intelligence is so important

Emotions and leadership: the role of emotional intelligence

Multiple intelligences

Learning styles and multiple intelligences

Spiritual Intelligence

Spirituality and Ethics in Business

Spirituality in the workplace and the implications for employees and organisations

What is spiritual intelligence

Spiritual intelligence quotient

The Buddha on the bottomline

Spiritual intelligence: what teachers should truly promote

Wellness at Work

Wellness at work and why it is big business

Why laughter is serious therapy

Cultivating spiritual intelligence to heal diseases of meaning

Spiritual intelligence as a tool for meaning and hope


Implementing African Leadership

Spiritual leadership as a paradigm for organisational transformation

Spirituality as a vehicle for passing through the stained glass ceiling: Perspectives on African American women’s leadership in US organisations

The Black Experience

Miseducation of the negro

The souls of black folks

The black image in the white mind

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