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A Research Institute on British African Caribbeans and Education

The mission of the institute is to design, conduct, and disseminate research that helps guide policymakers, educators, media, and the general public toward improving the educational opportunities and outcomes of British African-Caribbeans. The Institute maintains a diverse research agenda, priorities, and activities that address status and attainment in education from preschool through adulthood for British African Caribbeans in the United Kingdom and abroad. Additionally, the Institute seeks to train and develop researchers in the investigation of educational issues pertinent to British African Caribbeans.

The research conducted by the Institute focuses on pathways to attainment. The Institute investigates the obstacles, barriers, and enablers of educational, occupational, and economic status outcomes. Research findings are disseminated broadly with the aim of impacting public policy incident to the creation of promotion of educational access, attendance, and attainment. The Institute combines the tenets of research and policy to improve local practices in educational settings.

The book Towards Bicultural Competence: Beyond Black and White provides important insights into many of the issues that are currently working as obstacles and barriers to British African-Caribbean attainment in Britain. The first pathway to attainment identified by CBACS is that of descendants of enslaved Africans or British African-Caribbeans being facilitated through the educational process to engage in bicultural socialisation.

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