African and Caribbean History/Perspectives

Below are links to selected readings relating to British African Caribbean history.  Understanding history is a critically important component of bicultural socialisation (i.e. socialisation into a culture of origin and a culture of residence).

African philosophy:

Nigerian philosophical studies

Ghanaian philosophical studies

The African Holocaust

The Caribbean experience:

James Williams account of emancipation

Negro Emancipation (How it was reported in Britain)

Philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey

The Maroons of Jamaica

Psychic phenomena of Jamaica

The Negro family in British Guiana

Memoir of Pierre Toussaint

A tribute to the Negro race

Jamaican Anansi stories

The autobiography of an ex-coloured man – this particular link gives an American perspective on the choices we make in order to gain acceptance in the white world.  The story told is absolutely fascinating.

American pictures by Jacob Holdt

Family in Society

The ‘black British’ experience:

Ravaged Cultures


The Holy Piby

Sacred Texts from Africa

African Spirituality:

Understand African spirituality by considering creation

African spirituality

African spirituality and philosophy

African spiritual community

Ancient history:

Ancient Egypt: Light of the World

Awakening Osiris

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