micah2 - 150CBACS is a research and education resource centre which applies the knowledge of the ages to the life experience of the descendants of enslaved Africans. This is with a view to achieving the longer aim vision of demonstrating British African-Caribbean (BAC) competence, mutuality with the ethnic majority and repositioning ourselves as integral to British society.

CBACS mission is that of liberating the human potential of the descendants of enslaved Africans living in Britain through working with the visible and invisible legacies of slavery. Our focus is threefold:

  • Removing the blockages caused by slavery and the silence that surrounds it enabling us to be ‘free within ourselves’;
  • Developing a British African-Caribbean ethnic culture and thereby perspective enabling us to finally take back control of our own lives.
  • Embedding the principle of service as a primary characteristic of BAC culture

CBACS utilises an ethnic lens of analysis to develop the conscious bicultural competence of its members. Learning is central to the agenda of CBACS as is the adoption of a systems approach to understanding our lives. At the core of CBACS are the essential values of critical thinking, balance/harmony, freedom, cultural integrity, transformation and love.

CBACS, in adopting a systems approach to transformation for the descendants of enslaved Africans, realises there will be important implications for the wider society as a whole. Consequently, CBACS also places emphasis on teachers in the British educational system, understood as cultural workers and agents of change, and the development of their conscious bicultural competence too. CBACS aims to achieve this through The Metanoia Project(teach)2007-2034

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