Our exhibition at the Menier Chocolate Factory Gallery in May 2008 was primarily to showcase the trailer for our proposed films, but the documentary is larger than that. As intimated by the word ‘documentary’ we are collating, archiving and documenting the stories of all the people we meet.

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The exhibition at London South Bank University builds on the earlier showing. The lesson we took from the Menier Gallery in feedback received is that True Story is in fact the One Story of humanity. The exhibition at London South Bank University builds on this theme.

The exhibition showcases a collection of generational photographic portraiture, complete with quotes from all the individuals involved, a selection of poetry and writings from people within the community and also some additional pieces which are relevant to the ideas and concepts that the exhibition is about.

When we explain the purpose of our project, people take a noted interest and are happy to be asked to participate and be recognised. Every time we leave people, there is a difference in their attitude and we can definitely feel the buzz of positivity from each and every candidate. Our journey through is proving to be every bit as fulfilling as the promise of the completed project.

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Our display is open to everybody and we invite every single person whose face and voice has been an integral part of our journey. From the babes in arms to the senior elders, the importance of their presence as well as their contribution works to bridge the gaps between the generations and also go to show that we all have more in common than we often think…

“Olaudah Equiano” by Christy Symington © 2007

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