Although the work we have begun is initially based within the British African-Caribbean community, the importance of people having a voice is something that affects everyone from every background. As well as the people from within our own community we talked with, there were a number of people from other wide-ranging communities who took an interest in our project and were inspired by the work that we do.

London is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and is the home to so many people with different ethnic backgrounds all of whom add their own spice to this multicultural melting pot. 2012 will also be a memorable occasion in the history of London with the Olympic Games coming, bringing with it the whole world and her eyes and ears.

We want to grow our project outwards to incorporate all the different populations of London, to learn more about our neighbours, to learn more about how culture and the transmission of culture affects us all. We want to show the younger generations the beauty of difference and how by embracing new ideas and new people there is a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

With the continued support from everyone we can carry on with our work and begin making a change for the better. As our network grows we can involve more people in our project and reach an even bigger audience. We would love to take our concepts and ideas on the road and empower and inspire people everywhere!

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